The Description

Carnival chalice is hard-pressed cup that has undergone an iridized rehabilitation to its apparent. Newly defined hot ironed cup is shown to sprays, exhaust fumes and vapors from hot harsh oxide. This practice grades in a divine translucent film forming on the solid. It is ofttimes delineated as sounding akin to the rainbow racing colours that happen on a cleanser slosh. Photographs of carnival chalice do not bring out this supernatural upshot.

What's With the Name

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The residence was coined because this form of cup was habitually awarded to winners of games-of-chance at carnivals.

Poor-man's Tiffany Glass

It was sometimes referred to as poor-man's Tiffany cup because Tiffany & Co. create an costly paw moving iridized solid that looked corresponding to the genuinely cost machine-made carnival glass. This equivalence to Tiffany's solid made festival cup wide grassroots from the start of its orientation.

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Unfortunately, fete glass' popularity led to Tiffany cup active out of benignity next to its well-situated buyers. Once an cut-rate fall-back was getable to all, Tiffany glass became less sexually attractive to those who could expend it.

The History

Manufacture of fete chalice began in the United States in the region of 1908 to 1918. In the 1920s and 1930s it was make in Australia, Europe and South America. Production stopped in the 1930s; markedly little, if any, was famed to be produced in the 1940s or 1950s.

The Makers

Fenton, Northwood, Imperial Glass, Westmoreland and Dugan are merely a few companies that manufactured carnival cup. Northwood Glass Company distinct their donkey work with a discus encompassing a superior N. Most other manufacturers did not mark their merchandise.

Dazzling Colours

This glass was made in a miscellany of lucent racing colours. Marigold (orange) is the utmost established tincture and pastel emblem as well as greenish blue are the supreme special.

Popular Patterns

Some favourite patterns are Poppy Show/Rose Show, Peacock on the Fence, Peacock at the Fountain, Grape and Cable, Good Luck, Acorn and Burrs and Dragon and Lotus.

A Resurgence

Demand for festival chalice resurged in the 1950s and companies began to cause it over again for the person market. Other designs were resurrected and new designs were introduced.

Identifying Reproductions

Anything produced after the 1950s is considered a procreation. Some manufacturers have typical results to set the age. Some reproductions are made from inspired molds from the pre-1930s so it can be sensitive characteristic old from reproductions.

What's it Worth

Condition and tincture performance a enormous function in influential pro. Chips, cracks, cast marks, repairs decrease the plus. If an point is a dying out stain close to greenish blue it is of much convenience than an component in marigold that is fulsome. Look for it in old shops, fairs, ectozoan markets. eBay is a great assets to find out price tag. Pricescan scope for a few dollars to substantially more.

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