Part Four of Four Parts

The Soldiers of Nirut

The Inner Fortress of the Quiet Mound

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From the Journal of General Terb

"No one genuinely knows what went on in the filling of the Fortress at 'Quiet Mound,' especially during the concluding years of the Great Battle of the Mound, in faddy near Niruh, the male sibling of the King Nirut of Lihterb, and his partner Rognat-but of teaching I do, for I was the Commanding General at hand. I wrote this review entry, for I mistrust history will ignore this battle, one of many a in the plan of all property. So I donate it in the vaults of the dungeon, for posterity's sake, transcribed on beardown and enduring ophidian connective tissue.

"We had captured Niruh and Rognat threw them in a cell sound in the dungeons of the Quiet Mound, and what I really sought-after to do was cut their throats, but Lived said, 'No! We may have need of them for a ransom money.' And that plumbed logical, and I added: 'I'll lug the chance', so I said, and did.

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"Then not long thereafter, previously the sun went down, we saw the extreme large-scale of Nirut´s soldiers encircling the compound: swords, spears, bows and arrows, supports to raise the walls, daggers in their hands, all waiting for combat.

"We all rested, apprehensively that eventide and in the night, until original light, when they well-tried to poor downbound the front proceeds with a largish ligneous plant they had cut in the Rat Forest, nearby, made it into a battling ram of sorts, and well-tried to pour and stone-broke finished the two foot heavy wooden movable barrier of the fortress, to no helpfulness.

"I stood on top of the tall, glutinous wall of the enclosure, and commanded my men to last to sprout arrows-non stop-at the antagonist below, and hideously I idea at the time, what fun it is to massacre the enemy, one after another, it gets to you, you know, desensitizes you, and the more than you get to examine and kill, the more you want, the less the previous assassinate matters, and so it normally has to be more gruesome, and you keep watch on the arrows united states president their skin, eyes, skull, keep watch on the humour substance out. It is how it is, not needfully how it should be.

"Then the General, the old one that seemed always to be by Nirut´s side, he came up next to an idea, where he got it I don't know, maybe from hell on earth itself. Anyhow, I didn't cognize of the Iron Net, not at that time, but I would not long.

"During the Battle I glanced at the sun, it was low and hot, and the archetypical few battles got to some armies, and then we started to scuffle in the chill evenings, only before twilight; them and us, we all seemed to have had the said idea-fight when it's air-cooled.

"In a way it was all senseless, all this bloodshed, and when we all in agreement to let our prisoners go, a outline of intangible to Nirut, for surrounded by the fort we were weary of combat-ready and peak wanted to go hindermost domicile to the Valley of the Arrows in the Desert, peak had brood and wives, and we knew Nirut was same a furious dog that quondam he got a have on something, he'd not let go he'd lug all quondam of bodily fluid of all soldier he had to win, pause the spiritual being in two, if he could, we were hoping he would have not come through to this judgment yet.

"Anyhow, we agreed and so did they to this ceasefire, and I say it stopped the aggression for a day, or a few hours longer, not considerably more, and past the King of Lihterb had second thoughts, and so did his broad. (We did have a celebration that dark in the quad even brought whatsoever lamb food lint to our captives.) In the meantime, King Nirut took us as a unremitting danger bitterly, screaming in vain for getting even peripheral our fort walls-and after the net came, the cast-iron net, accurate ended the castle walls, it was born by two spacecraft, it bolted itself powerfully about us, look-alike a diapsid would to its prey; we had never seen anything similar to it before, it afraid us fitting to go through the inspection of those iron unwoven trammels interlacing preceding our heads, it was as if we were stuck with.

"What could I do-I shouted passionately, 'We'll punch-up on...' and I bring to mind seeing the King smile, I focus he hot that, and we did disagree on, what else could we do, and he killed all our men, duration space. Only I and a few others escaped, the others at large through with the Forest of Rats, which Nirut well-tried to hedge. I loose on Rognat's orbiter a ways away in the Grasslands of the giant snakes. And so to the reader, this is my recollections of the thing that took forte." Terb

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